Our supply selection is very inclusive, everything from bird foods and supplies to small animal foods, beddings and accessories to reptile foods, basking lights etc. Below is a small list of things we carry.



  • pretty bird nutriberry
  • zupreme treatstix
  • rowdyhush perches
  • kt exact toys
  • sweat harvest seeds


  • waterbullets
  • treats
  • chews
  • oxbow food and grasses
  • bedding

          Small Mammal

  • dusts
  • lava chews
  • wood chews
  • foods inluding kt fiesta, oxbow
  • ferret foods including marshals


  • live mice & rats
  • frozen mice & rats
  • hides
  • basking bulbs uva &uvb
  • bedding
  • pelleted foods
  • cricket foods
  • housing and accessories


There is also so much more in our shop, it would be almost impossible to list it all. So if there is something specific you are looking for please give us a call and ask or come on in to see for yourself!